Do Dexa Scan now! Understand WHAT ARE THE CONDITION OF OUR SPINE?Is it Normal? Osteoporosis? Scoliosis? Bone Spur? Compress? or Calcification?
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Knee Pain

Causes of Knee Pain Do you suffer from knee pain? Many adults struggle with mobility because of unending, chronic knee pain, an insidious condition that permeates every facet of their life. There are a variety of causes that trigger knee…

Calmodulin – The Calcium Regulator

What is CaM? CaM = Calmodulin The Newton Medical Dictionary: a calcium-binding substance PATS Medical Dictionary: Calmodulin, an intensifier for many enzymes; a protein that binds calcium ions What is Calmodulin ? Calmodulin in Mandarin is 携钙素 Calmodulin is Calcium Regulator. It is Calcium…