Knee Pain Lower Back Pain Arthritis Osteoporosis

m-CAM is suitable for vegetarian.
Supplement m-CaM is the most effective supplement for arthritis, osteoporosis, spine/bone diseases,knee pain/joint pain and other diseases.
mCaM is combined with lecithin using state-of-the art technologies to form a nutrition compound that is stable and easy to absorb. This nutrition compound is then complemented with millet, soybean extract, and American ginseng become the mCAM supplement, which is very safe for consumption and highly efficacious in maintaining body health.

Are you taking any calcium or joint supplements but still suffer from any of the following diseases below?

Bone fractures
Backaches / Back Pain 
Knee pain
Joint Imflammation
bone spur (osteophyte)
gout problem


m-CAM is derived from CAM and it is a specific formulation for the Asians. m-CAM is using millet to replace low fat milk powder in CAM and the function of CAM has been enhanced by 20%. m-CAM is also a formulation that suitable for elderly and those who are suffering from chronic diseases.


Items: Serving Size: 1 Sachet (40g); Serving per container: 30 Sachets
Ingredients Lecithin, American Ginseng Powder, Soybean Extract, and Millet
Applicable For Children, pregnant women, adults, vegetarians and those who have lactose intolerance


1.1~3 sachets per day, consume empty stomach for better absorption

2.Pour one sachet into a shaker with 250cc water and the temperature below 40℃. (Tighten the bottle lid and shake well. Open the lid and enjoy it.)

NOTES: Consume m-CAM within 1 minute after preparation for smooth texture and to prevent it become bulky condition as it is high in fiber content.

3. Avoid any  food 1 hour before and after consuming CAM except for plain water.

1.In order to preserve the activeness of m-CAM,avoid tea, coffee and carbonated drinks before and after 1 hour consuming the m-CAM.

2. You may add honey, original yogurt, cereals, rice bran and rice milk if you are not used to the original flavor.

3.People with chronic diseases are recommended to take 1/2 packet of ma-CAM at the early stage and gradually increase the amount to 1 packet a day after 2 weeks. It’s recommended to take m-CAM 2 packets or more everyday starting from second month. Please consult our nutritionists for any special condition.

4.Avoid any medication one hour before and after taking m-CAM


Best Recommendation for Arthritis, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Eczema, Diabetes High Blood Pressure and more.

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