Family members of diabetes patients and diabetes patients themselves are wandering the following:

What is diabetes?

What are diabetes diet, what diet for diabetes is good or what type of food for diabetes?

Any cure for diabetes or how to cure diabetes?


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Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a health condition that affects a lot of people regardless of their age, gender, or even ethnicity. A person who is considered a diabetic has high blood glucose levels which is caused by either the unresponsiveness of the body’s cells to insulin or the production of insulin is not enough, or it can be both. Among the diabetes symptoms that can appear include frequent urination, increasing hunger and thirst.


What is Diabetes?

There are different types of diabetes such as Type 1 diabetes where the body isn’t capable of producing insulin, Type 2 diabetes, where the production of insulin isn’t enough for proper body function, and gestational diabetes, which occurs in women who are pregnant. Those who are Type 1 diabetic require insulin injections all the time. They also need to make sure that they follow a diabetes diet in order to maintain their blood glucose levels. Only 10% have this type of diet while the rest are usually diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic. In diabetes Type 2, there is a resistance to insulin being produced or the production isn’t enough. Those with this type of diabetes can reduce the symptoms of diabetes through exercise, medication, and following a healthy diabetic diet. Diabetic retinopathy is a complication that can occur with those with diabetes but can be treated especially when it is caught early on.


Common Signs of Diabetes

How can you tell whether you have diabetes or not? Aside from feeling hungry and thirsty as well as urinating frequently, other signs include developing bruises and cuts that do not heal quickly, fatigue, unusual loss of weight, gaining weight, tingling and numbing sensation in feet and hands, and even sexual dysfunction in male. Once these signs manifest, you should talk to your doctor to get accurate diagnosis so you will know what steps to take.


How to Prevent Diabetes

For those who are diagnosed with pre-diabetes, there are ways to prevent it from becoming a full-blown health problem. Start by adding more physical activity to your day. Sedentary lifestyle can cause further complications. For your diet, make sure that you include whole grains in your diet as well as fiber because it can help lower your cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels as well. Diabetics should avoid following fad diets as they may do more harm than good. Shedding pounds is also important as it can contribute to the prevention of this lifelong disease.


Diabetes is a lifelong health condition, which can affect your way of living. It’s important that you get diagnosed as early as possible especially when you are predisposed to this condition in order to take the necessary steps to prevent it from worsening.

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