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Supplement CaM is suitable for vegetarian.
Supplement CaM with Nimble Plus I and Nimble Plus II are  the most effective supplements many chronic diseases.

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Arthritis Knee Pain Back Pain Cervical Spondylosis

How does Cam Supplement helps diabetic?

What Is CaM?

The most state-of-the-art biochemical production procedures and facilities in the world.

A product of high-tech bioengineering

Single-cell culture – > formed by 148 amino acids – > chelated with 4 calcium ions – > protected by lecithin – > able to pass through the stomach unaffected – > arrives at the small intestine – > forms ionic potiential difference – > direct absorption

Arthritis Back Pain Knee Pain Eczema Business Arthritis Back Pain Knee Pain Eczema Business Arthritis Back Pain Knee Pain Eczema Business

Cam combined with lecithin using state-of-art technologies to form a nutrition compound that is stable and easy to absorb. This nutrition compound is then complemented with low-fat milk powder, soybean extract, and American ginseng to become the CaM supplement, which is very safe for consumption and highly efficacious in maintaining body health.

Benefits of Cam
No pills
No injection
No side effect
No need for surgery

Supplement CaM is:

20 years of clinically tested
20 years of safety tested
Scientific Validated
Tested and selling over 50 countries in the world
ISO 9000, GMP, ISO13485, CE, FDA quality approved
US patent certifications
Halal certified
High level of effectiveness
Exclusive Formulation

Arthritis Knee Pain Back Pain Cervical Spondylosis


With the trend of aging society, Calcium is increasingly required for human bodies; however, people always ignore the importance of the Calcium’s regulator.
Dr. Wang Kai-Hua has done the research and developed CaM for many years and comes out the CaM Supplement, named as CAM. CAM is a supplement that emphasize on the Calcium’s regulator, which can help us to absorb and utilize calcium that we take in every day from food. CAM has been proved that it is suitable for any age group people, and is the required nutritional supplement for our health maintenance
Items: Serving Size: 1 Sachet (40g); Serving per container: 30 Sachets
Ingredients Lecithin, American Ginseng Powder, Soybean Extract, and Low Fat Milk Powder
Applicable For Children, pregnant women, adults and vegetarians



1. 1~3 sachets per day, consume empty stomach for better absorption.
2. Pour one sachet into a shaker with 250cc of water and the temperature below 40℃. (Tighten the bottle lid and shake well. Open the lid and enjoy it.)
3. Avoid any food 1 hour before and after consuming CAM except for plain water.


1. In order to preserve the activeness of CAM, avoid tea, coffee and carbonated drinks before and after 1 hour of consuming the CAM.
2. You may add honey or original yogurt if you are not used to the original flavor.
3. After the consumption of CAM if you have symptoms of lactose intolerance or abdominal distension, and abdominal pain, you may consume one sachet of CAM for 3~4 times and consume after meals. When you have adapted to the supplement and increase to one sachet for one time.
4. People with chronic diseases are recommended to take 1/2 packet of CAM at the early stage and gradually increase the amount to 1 packet a day after 2 weeks. It’s recommended to take CAM 2 packets or more everyday starting from second month or recommended to take ma-CAM. Please consult our nutritionists for any special condition.
5. Avoid any medication one hour before and after taking CAM.

What Are Healing Effects After Consuming CaM


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Arthritis Knee Pain Back Pain Business Plan Arthritis Knee Pain Back Pain Business Plan


Scientifically Proven By Professor Wang Kai Hua Health Supplements CaM + NPI + NPII + OLE help 
Arthritis, Knee Pain, Lower Back Pain, Cervical Spondylosis, Eczema, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and more. Contact Us For An Appointment with Our Nutritionist.

Arthritis Back Pain Knee Pain Eczema Business Arthritis Back Pain Knee Pain Eczema BusinessArthritis Back Pain Knee Pain Eczema Business   high blood pressure stroke treatment anti aging

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