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Professor Wang Kai-Hua was graduated from Beijing Medical University in 1954 and she was a medical professor in Shandong University, the chairwoman of Cancer Research Center, and also a medical professor and chairwoman of Xiamen Cancer Research Center in 1960~1988. 1990, for the sake of being devoted to research in cytology, immunology, and oncology as well as researching and developing various types of medicine and health supplements, Prof. Wang Kai-Hua left from China to the United States for establishing the BIONIKE, INC. which certified by FDA and the registration number is 2952284. For the past 50 years of sedulously and painstakingly research, Prof. Wang Kai-Hua’s firmly belief that “With the God’s blessing, I try to research and develop more products which can help them towards optimal health.”



Contents of Video:

The Experience Of Osteoprorosis Part 1 of 2

Mircale Of Calmodulin CaM

  • Introduction

1.11        Overcome a sandy house body

Fabulous Calmodulin CaM

1.22        The experience of osteoporosis

I remember when I was a child, father often took me to the park nearby. He always gave me a ride on his shoulders. In my memory, he had strong shoulders and a powerful trunk. When such a small guy like me sat on his shoulders, I could see the whole world. Just like he was my secure castle and shelter.  Many years later, we took a walk in the same park again. He had neither strong shoulders nor a powerful trunk but a hunchback slowly walking with a cane.

Sometime ago, a serious fracture occurred to father while he was moving something heavy. He was hospitalized and needed an operation. The doctor said, father had seriously insufficient calcium because of long-term fatigue and malnutrition. In the course of time osteoporosis occurred.

02.27     Potiential crisis of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis usually comes over many years. It’s usually painless at first. So you won’t realize osteoporosis has silently eroded your body until fractures or aches appear. Thus osteoporosis is called an invisible killer. Moreover World Health Organisation, WHO established 20th  October  “World Osteoporosis Day”.

Osteoporosis results from calcium loss in the bones causing serious bone loss. It makes bone brittle and fragile. Even a slight bump can cause fractures. Fractures caused are usually of the wrist , spine and femur. Patients have such symptoms as broken carpus, backache, loss of height, hunchback and transcervical fractures.

Statistically, there are up to 130,000 fractures resulted from osteoporosis annually. Among them, 3~5000 of these people died from complications of transcervical fractures. American Medical Association indicated that among the elders with transcervical fractures around 5%~20% patients died within a year and disability in 50% of those who survive and need other’s help in their lifetime. It’s really astonishing.  Accordingly, one in three woman from age 60~70 have osteoporosis.

Furthermore, up to 2/3 of women over 80 suffer from osteoporosis. Why women are more likely to suffer osteoporosis is the changes of bone metabolism after menopause. The deficiency in estrogen speeds up the loss of bone. Many people misunderstand that only women will have osteoporosis. In fact, the disease can strike both sexes but women are more likely. Statiscally, women are 8~10 times more likely to develop the disease.

04.43     The connection between calcium and osteoporosis

In his book entitled “Calcium & Health”, Dr Takuo Fujita of Kobe University, Japan pointed out that calcium can maintain the hardness of bone as well as prop up our body. A fixed amount of calcium in blood keeps the function of brain, heart and hormone secretions normal. As blood calcium concentration drops below the standard level it causes cramps in the limbs, blunt brain, imbalanced heart function, irregular pulse etc.

Evidently, irregular calcium ions concentration will start a panic in our body and threaten our lives. Thus, only with calcium can we keep healthy and maintain our lives. Therefore, calcium is the life fountain of bones as well as the flame of life.

05.42     Our bone is a kind of active tissue

Our bone is a kind of active tissue in continuous metabolism in which includes two important bone cells. One is Osteoclast and the other is Osteoblast. Osteoclast specially destroys old bone. But Osteoblast aids the growth and development of new bones. Such repairs are lifetime in progress.

An individual’s peak bone mass is typically achieved by around age of 35. After 40, more bone is removed than is laid down resulting in a decline in bone mass and makes inner trabecular bones brittle and cortical bones thinner.  So the whole bone structure become fragile,  forming osteoporosis.

06.34 The truth of calcium loss and the absorption principle

Now compatriots have acknowledged the connection between calcium and osteoporosis. And common people think taking calcium can sufficiently prevent osteoporosis. Therefore there’re different calcium-related nutrition supplements on sale. But while you are actively taking calcium supplements and there is rich calcium level in our meals of chicken, duck and fish, do you really think the calcium you ate sufficiently go through your bones? Do you think you have successfully prevented osteoporosis.

07.15     Truth of calcium loss and the calcium absorption principle

Now, let’s learn about the truth of calcium loss and the calcium absorption principle. After the calcium in food digests through our stomach it is dissociated into calcium ions by gastric acid and then gets absorbed in the small intestine. Through sufficient vitamin D3 in the small intestine the absorption of calcium can be accelerated but generally only 50% of calcium can be absorbed.

In the process of calcium absorption in the small intestine going to human cells via blood, a maximum of 20% can be absorbed.  Consequently ,  the calcium we eat is seldom absorbed.

The department of Health suggests adults daily intake of calcium should be 1000mg. But only 100 out of the 1000mg of calcium  can be effectively absorbed. You may probably think actively supplementing calcium can be similarly effective if the absorption of calcium is up to 1000mg. But it has been wrongly noted. That non-absorbed Calcium is metabolized by liver and kidney.

In the course of time the burden on the liver and kidney will increase. If the metabolism of liver and kidney are weak some calcium minerals will fail to metabolize. Over a period of time,  symptoms of high calcium blood or calcified bone will occur. Why do we lose so much calcium that we eat? Let’s talk about the truth of calcium absorption again.

08.54     The truth of calcium absorption

After calcium ions are absorbed in the small intestine to the blood they will be carried to wherever it’s needed through blood circulation, In the process of circulation, blood should combine with calcium via kind of protein called “calcium-binding proteins” secreted by human. Thus, sufficiently bringing calcium to human cells. But individual calcium and “calcium-binding proteins”  are inactive. Once they combine together an active reversible compound will be formed. Calmodulin contains the most “calcium-binding proteins”. Calmodulin , “Calcium-carrying Protein” in Chinese or simply “CaM”.

09.41 Introduction to Calmodulin

Calmodulin (CaM) is an active protein formed from 148 amino acids. It already exists in our body secreted from cerebellum cells, digestion cells and sex cells. Calmodulin (CaM)  itself chelates with 4 calcium ions and its structural bond will have coordination according to the need of calcium ions in each cell. If calcium ions are insufficient in cells, Calmodulin (CaM) will release chelated calcium ions for the body. If calcium ions are excessive in cells, Calmodulin (CaM) will take redundant calcium away.

The peak secretion of Calmodulin (CaM) is achieved by around our 20-30s . Afterwards, through aging the amount of its secretion starts decreasing. That’s why when elderly people take calcium supplements, non is absorbed. To disclose the truth, it’s impossible to sufficiently supplement calcium without Calmodulin (CaM) .

10.46 Five clinical proofs of Calmodulin

Besides clinical proofs of (1) regulating the concentration of calcium ions to prevent osteoporosis  Calmodulin (CaM) can (2) regulate the nervous and endocrine systems, (3) activate the enzyme system, (4) start the energy of body and (5) activate macrophages.

Now the medical theories about Calmodulin (CaM)have been generally recognized academically and medically. For example, Calmodulin was translated as “Calcium-carrying protein” in Newton Medical Dictionary and “calcium-regulating protein” in PATS Medical Dictionary, which means an intensifier for many enzymes and can be regulate the concentration of calcium ions. Furthermore, domestic and foreign textbooks about the theory of Calmodulin (CaM) have been progressively published.

11.38     Special visit to Dr Wang Kai-Hua about the benefit of Calmodulin and research experience

Dr. Wang Kai-Hua internationally renowned in oncology and bioengineering, residing in America  has experience and knowledge in the research of Calmodulin , ( CaM ) over 30 years. She successfully mixed Calcium-Calmodulin ( Ca-CaM )  as a high biotech product with her professional knowledge. Now, let’s see the  medical background of Dr Wang.

The Achievements of Professor Wang Kai-Hua:

Dr Wang devoted herself to the research in immunology, bioengineering and  oncology.

1954:     Graduated from Beijing Medical University

1960 – 1982: was a medical professor in Shan-Dong University and the head of the cancer research organization

1982 – 1989: was a part-time medical professor in Xia Men University and the chairwoman of Xia Men Cancer Research Centre.

1990: established  Bionike Laboratories in America for development of biotech research and medicine production.

12.52     Dr Wang’s achievement in medical research are listed below.

1957 – 1959         devoted herself to the researched and developed biochemistry of  hepatitis and the test of  cytochemistry.

1958-1974            participated in the research of insulin synthesis.

1963-1966:          studied and created effective medicine to rebuild the nervous system

1972 – 1974: studied tumor-related  antigen and skin test for cancer.

1974 – 1980         research in cell factors, thymus hormone, interleukin-2 (IL-2), interferon (INF alpha 2b) and necrosis factors used in clinical treatment.

During this period of time Dr Wang’s greatest  achievement was to successfully  develop hi-biotech products such as Calcium Calmodulin , ( Ca-CaM ). With her professional knowledge proclaimed the good news for human health.

13.57     Dr Wang Kai-Hua’s Speech

In 1972, I accepted the national key research and engaged in the study of tumour immunology. Every knows tumors result from very complicated pathogenesis, so we need to develop a series of medicine to cure and control it. In the process of study, I found CaM is one of the best controlling medicines. It has assisted all patients I have cured. CaM can work alongside with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to achieve better effects. Especially for the elderly and weak patients who can’t be treated in ordinary therapy. So we can use CaM to prevent diseases from becoming worst. Furthermore reduce tumors. In long-term clinical observation for patients with bone problems, I found their overgrown bones and illness can be controlled by CaM. Some patients with hunchback can straighten their backs after taking CaM.  For the elderly with aging spots or people with darkened skin using CaM can reduce aging spots and reduce skin discoloration. Thus I determined a systematic study on the benefits of CaM and improvement of research methods as well as develop some compounds to enchance the effects of CaM.  CaM is also called Calcium-regulating protein. Its chief function is to regulate the calcium ions concentration. Calcium is a life messenger. Living movement of cells have close connection with calcium concentration. Body calcium function is controlled by Calmodulin.  Calmodulin itself chelates with four calcium ions. It can regulate calcium ions concentration according to the need of cells movement.

Secondly, it can maintain metabolism, start energy metabolism and normalize activities. It accelerates the activity of enzymes. We know the start of energy and enzyme activity  are related to ATP enzyme. The activity of ATP enzyme is affected by Calmodulin creating a strong connection. Therefore, it activates cells and makes body energy transformation smooth. And our metabolism speed can be normal.

Thirdly, to regulate nervous system and hormones. Calmodulin can assist in releasing nervous transmission substances bringing some positive effects like enhance memory, prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well as improve the normal contraction of muscles to prevent ill contraction such as cramps and etc. It can also comfort the sympathetic nerve. So sleeping can be improved especially for sleepless babies during the night.  A little CaM makes a baby sleep peacefully.

Fourth, to activate enzyme system effectively. Enzyme system activates metabolism. If an enzyme system is insufficiently active, the nutritious transformation will become slow resulting in slow metabolism.

Fifth, to active macrophages. We know macrophages are very important cells that clean the body. They’re in charge of cleaning necrosis, abnormal and aging cells. They also assist in cleaning and removing aging spots, warts and polyps even for cancer cells. So, CaM is a new age product enhancing health, beauty and preventing cancer, antiaging and preventing bone diseases and etc.

19.37 Examination of professional instruments

An ideal BMD densitometer should have such features as accuracy, highly sensitive, easy operating  etc.   In recent years, conventional radioscopy and dual energy X-ray absorptiometry ( Dexa Scan ) have been used on a BMD (Bone Mass Density) test. Conventional radioscopy  generally  X-ray can’t precisely show osteoporosis until bone mass or total bone calcium contents decrease by 30%.  So conventional radioscopy is insensitive and inaccurate especially in detecting early osteoporosis.  Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry ( Dexa Scan ), two different energy X-rays scan examined sites then a glittering detector receives the X-ray piercing through with data analysed by computers. BMD  (Bone Mass Density ) can be calculated. The diagnosis will compare the examinee’s BMD ( Bone Mass Density) value with the BMD ( Bone Mass Density ) chart on the computers. This kind of examination can measure systemic BMD (Bone Mass Density ) . It clinically examines lumbar vertebra and neck of femur. With a precision error of about 1% only. The scan time is quite speedy as well. Also, the radiation dose of each scanning is around 1/50th  of one-time chest X-rays. Making this procedure much safer. Now dual energy X-ray absorptiometry  ( Dexa Scan )has been developed from 1st generation to 3 generation. Preventive medicine and health care medicine have gradually been accepted as important. The 3rd generation dual energy X-ray absorptiometry ( Dexa Scan) can provide people with high risk of osteoporosis have a fast and accurate BMD test and see their own BMD ( Bone Mass Density ) chart promptly. With a BMD (Bone Mass Density ) analysis through professional services, advice on a health preventive method suitable for you can be supplied. After 3-4 months you started doing your health preventive method, you have a BMD (Bone Mass Density ) test again. 3rd generation dual energy X-ray absorptiometry ( Dexa Scan ) can tell you the differences in your BMD ( Bone Mass Density ).

22.03     Self  examination for osteoporosis

Now you know the truth about osteoporosis. You can do an easy self check up for osteoporosis. See if you have any of the symptoms below?

  1. Bending down in a forward position makes you feel pain
  2. Pain on back and waist when getting up
  3. Slight actions result in fractures
  4. Cannot sleep flay on your back
  5. Body aches when turning over
  6. Hunchback, with chronic backache


If you have one or more of the above conditions, maybe you are at risk of having osteoporosis.

23.06 Calcium Is The Flame Of Life

A fixed amount of calcium is necessary for balance physical function and prevent osteoporosis.

On the other hand, calcium is continuously consumed in the mutual function of Osteoclast and Osteoblast. Therefore, the Department of Health appealed to people for a daily sufficient intake of 1000mg of calcium to provide us with our needs.

However, the latest medical knowledge shows that calcium … cont’d


Video Part 2 of 2

can’t sufficiently supplement our body cells until calcium chelates with Calmodulin ( CaM ).

For aging societies, there are more and more osteoporosis  potential  patients. Unfortunately, osteoporosis invades both you and your family silently. In order to sufficiently prevent osteoporosis, daily preventive health care is the most fundamental  -CAM.

01.02 CaM (Malay Language)

24.18 The End



The Achievements of Professor Wang Kai-Hua

1954 Graduated from Beijing Medical University
1957~1959 Researched and developed biochemical hepatitis and cytochemical tests.
1958~1974 Participated in the study of the insulin synthesis.
1972 Involved in tumor-associated antigen and skin test for cancer and discovered Calmodulin.
1974~1980 Involved in clinical treatment research & development of cell genes, thymus gland hormones, interleukin-2, interferon, and tumor necrosis factors.
1982 A medical professor in Medical Faculty, Xiamen University and the chairperson of Cancer Research Center.
1984 On behalf of China to participate in the 12th ICACT International Congress on Anti Cancer Treatment.
1985 On behalf of China to participate in the 5th Annual Meeting of DNA Research.
1986 On behalf of China to participate in the 14th International Tumor Conference.
1989 Established ORIANA Products, Inc
Established Bionike Laboratories in United States for development of biotech research and medical production, and certificated by the U.S FDA.
Research & development of pregnancy test reagent.
Research & development of poison test reagents (amphetamine, hemp, cocaine, Barbiturate, methadone, morphine and so on.)
Research & development of synthesis of insulin, test reagents and instrument on diabetes.
Research & development of an effective nervous system reagent.
Inventor of Cu-Zn SOD (hSOD1) gene vector and the complementary nucleotide cDNA (materials required for bio-chips).
Research & Development of AIDS, SARS, Clenbuterol test reagents, and so on.


What is Calmodulin ( 携钙素 ) ?

Calmodulin – A new domain in osteoporosis treatment.
According to the most current studies, the most important CBP (Calcium Binding Protein) in the human body is Calmodulin.

Calcium Binding Proteins ( CBP )

Without CBP (Calcium-binding protein), calcium in the human body cannot exert its proper functions.


Cam Is Good For Knee PainmCaM Is Good For Diabetes

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I – VIII Calmodulin – That changed the course of history and the correct concept of calcium

IX. The Four Major Validations of Calmodulin

X.Five Scientifically Proven Functions of Calmodulin

The Nature of Calmodulin and it’s Structure – Useful links

Concepts of Development and Research

Calmodulin – Introducing the New Concept of Calcium Regulator

Nimble Plus I Collagen Is Good For Knee PainCollagen Nimble Plus II Is Good For Knee Pain

Nimble Plus I And Nimble Plus II

A Natural Joint Care Made Of  BioCell Collagen II.

Nimble Plus 1 is also known as NP1 and Nimble Plus 2 is also known as NP2. It is another natural joint care supplement developed by Professor Wang Kai-Hua also. Besides lubricating and protecting your joints, It’s formulated to protect and regulate your skeletal system, joint system, muscular system and nervous system. It is composed of natural Mucopolysaccharide and trace elements for joint protection with US patents, Type II Collagen. NP1 and NP2  contain BioCell Collagen II from BioCell Technology LLC, California USA and has been awarded 3 U.S. patents: Process, Formulation, and Manufacturing.

US Patents No.6025327; 6323319; 6780841


The natural joint care does not only lubricate and protect our joints, but also protect and regulate our  skeletal system, joint system, muscular system as well as nervous system.

It had shown to prevent joint issues like lower back pain, knee joint pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, and Osteoporosis affects an estimated 40% of the population .

Osteoarthritis (OA) means inflammation of the joints although it is better known as a degenerative disease due to the inflammation of the joints along with thinning of the articular cartilage. The cartilage in our joints allows smooth movement in joints. When it becomes damaged due to injury, infection or gradual effects of  ageing , joints movements are hindered. As a result, the tissues within the joint become irritated causing pain and swelling occurs in the joint.

It is composed of natural Mucopolysaccharide and trace elements for joint protection with US patents of Type II Collagen.

The natural joint care contains contains BioCell Collagen II from BioCell Technology LLC, California USA and has been awarded 3 U.S. patents: Process, Formulation, and Manufacturing.

US Patents No.6025327; 6323319; 6780841

Why Type II Collagen ?

The common collagen bears a molecular size of 1,500,000 Dalton. Type II Collagen molecular mass is only 1500 Dalton in size. That means Type II Collagen is 1000 times smaller than common collagen. Thus Type II Collagen is 1000 times easier to absorb by our body.


Antioxidant OLE Is Good For High Blood Pressure

Antioxidant OLE

 What is Antioxidant

Anti-oxidants renews blood circulatory health and reduces cellular damage due to aging.
Anti-oxidants regulate physiological function, enhance strength and reduce fatigue.
Anti-oxidants also maintaining health and youthfulness.
Oxygen Nourishment Vitality Energizer ( O.L.E )

A unique formulation of anti-oxidants, Oxygen Nourishment Vitality Energizer ( OLE ) developed by Professor Wang Kai-Hua.

Antioxidant OLE


Anti-oxidants Functions :

Anti-oxidation: A special formulation of anti-oxidants that has a Redox Potential of -150mV ~ -250mV supply stops cellular damage.
Improve the problem of vascular hardening and thrombus formation, reducing accumulation of harmful factors.
Enhanced oxygen absorption: Specially formulated to effectively supply oxygen to repair tissues and organs.

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  1. Introduction of Professor Wang Kai-Wah…………………
  2. Circulatory System Crisis………………………………….
  3. Human Body Health Balance………………………………
  4. Understanding Free Radicals………………………………
  5. How the Human Body Protect Itself Against Free Radicals: The Concept of Anti-oxidation………………….
  6. Self-examination of Anti-oxidation Ability………………..
  7. Self-evaluation of Health Status……………………………
  8. Introduction of OLE’s Functions…………………………..
  9. People Who Are Suitable for OLE…………………………
  10. OLE Experiment Report…………………………………..


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