Understanding the Chronic Pain from individual  Human Spine.


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C1 (Atlas) – 1st Cervical Vertebra

Headache , Insomnia, Ache, Poor memory, High blood pressure

C2 ( Axis ) – 2nd Cervical Vertebra

Sinusitis, Deafness, Short Sighted or Long Sighted

C3 (3rd Cervical Vertebra)

Inguinal nurse inflammation of throat and Difficulty in breathing

C4 (4th Cervical Vertebra)

Numbness & Ache on Shoulder, Nose Bleeding

C5 (5th Cervical Vertebra)

Stiffness on head, Trachea inflammation, Bad breath, Sore throat

C6 (6th Cervical Vertebra)

Shoulder Aches, Flu and Cough

C7  (7th Cervical Vertebra)

Thyroid, middle and second last finger ache

T1 (1st Thoracic Vertebra )

Heart attack, Breathing difficulty, Inner arm aches

T2 (2nd Thoracic Vertebra )

Heart attack, Chest aches Cardiopathy

T3 (3rd Thoracic Vertebra )

Lungs and Trachea Inflammation and Flu

T4 (4th Thoracic Vertebra )

Inflammation of lungs, Trachea And Pancreas (spleen)

T5 (5th Thoracic Vertebra )

Inflammation of liver, Cancer, Pancreas and Stomach,  Anemia , Low blood pressure.

T6 (6th Thoracic Vertebra )

Mild gastritis, Bad breath and Dyspepsia (No Appetite)

T7 (7th Thoracic Vertebra )

Kidney problem, Diabetes and Inflammation of Pancreas

T8 (8th Thoracic Vertebra )

Inflammation of small intestine, Rheumatism, Constipation and  Low immune system

T9 (9th Thoracic Vertebra )

Weak kidney, Little urine, Cold limps (legs and hands) and Stroke

T10 (10th Thoracic Vertebra )

Appendices, Colon, Skin disease, Hardening Of artery

T11 (11th Thoracic Vertebra )

Kidney Disease, Sexual Failure, Rheumatic, Arthritic and Urinal problem

T12 (12th Thoracic Vertebra )

Infertile, Urinal, Reproductive and Bladder problem

L1 (1st Lumbar Vertebra)

Colon,  Diarrhea , Constipation, Luminary track infection and Pain in the upper thigh

L2 (2th Lumbar Vertebra)

Stomach cramp, Difficult  in breathing, Menstruation, Swollen of artery, Pain in the middle part of thigh

L3 (3th Lumbar Vertebra)

High and low blood pressure, Hardening of artery, Cataract, Inflammation of womb, Menstruation problem, Constant and weakness in the inner portion of thigh

L4 (4th Lumbar Vertebra)

Backache, Bladder inflammation, Frequent urination, Menstruation disorder, Womb inflammation, Infertile, Pain in lower part of spinal cord, Pain in the inner part of lower thigh

L5 (5th Lumbar Vertebra)

Pils, Uric acid, Arthritis, Pain in lower part of spinal cord, Pain in the outer part of lower thigh, Constantly urination, Urine contamination

S (Sacrum)

Straight Intestine, Anus, Pain in hip bone

C (Coccyx)

Pain in tip of spinal cord, Piles and inflammation of Rectum


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